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Body of research work for school and professional development.
Each image is from its' website and directly links to it.
My web work began in the late 90's but those websites were taken down years ago.




Turtle Island

Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island

Compilation of research that explains about Native American storytelling and the usage of geography and geology as a middle distance for explanation. Ethical standards for acquisition of Native stories is explained.

National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute, NEH: Native Americans of New England a Historical Overview NEH 2013



Buddha's eyes

Buddha: Son of Lumbini and World Teacher

Collection of information regarding the birth of Buddha, geography, Jatakas, Sugata Subhru story, mandalas and the Tibetan culture.

National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute, NEH: Literatures, Religions and Arts of the Himalayan Region NEH 2011




Old Postcard Katla Volcano

Iceland: Island of Historical Significance and Natural Beauty

Built in 2000 graduate school project at Lesley University. I had visited Iceland the summer of 2000 and the website includes the geology, geography and information of literature in Iceland. Webquest included.




Gary Snyder, poet

Poet Quotes is a short website about poets and their quotes regarding poetry. Since I taught poetry, this site seemed like a natural offshoot of my web skills. Built in 2004.




EHS Webs are student websites completed in Web Page Design Class and then hosted for approximately 6 months. This site began in 2009 and has ongoing changes. Prior to 2009, students published work on geocities.

Main page for index to work created July 2013, by Diana T. Mackiewicz.
Educator at Eagle Hill School, Hardwick, MA, USA


Buddha: Son of Lumbini and World Teacher